accidental | coincidental photography

random lens

random lens, meant as accidental or coincidental photography, is a project started by Derliz Mereles in the year 2000. Objects, architecture, persons that ramdomly cross the eyes of a camera, spectators of the moment, expression of types of visual languages sometimes difficult to reproduce: all these are the sense of it. Some pictures from random lens originate in a journalistic context. They are made during public events, in which not only the event but also the audience is documented. Journalistic photography or photojournalism has the objective to create witnesses of our time.

Exclusion of liability: the pictures from random lens originate in a journalistic context and have a solely documentary intention. Pictures are not released for advertisement purposes or any other type of trading interests. Some of them are made during public events, in public property and should for instance not be considered as an invasion of privacy. Although verbal permission was possible in some cases, a written consent was not always able to be obtained due to the characteristics of the different public events. In case you feel yourself addressed, please contact us if you would like your picture to be withdrawed from this collection.